they're not the latest, but they're still full of greatness.

These models were once the best we offered. So even if their featuresare no longer quite as cutting edge, their usefulness is undeniable.  

document cameras

Wireless Doc Cam

QPC25W WanderCam

Share and save photo and videos from anywhere in the room!

Wireless Document Camera

WanderCam 50w

Share and save photo and videos from anywhere in the room with powerful 5GHz Wi-Fi.

Portable Document Camera


A document camera with five degrees of rotation and a built-in microphone.

USB Document Camera

Caterpillar Camera

You’ll never run out of new uses for this versatile and flexible document camera that takes up virtually no desk space.

Portable Document Camera


40x optical zoom document camera with HDMI input/output.

Portable Document Camera


A compact and RS-232 compatible document camera with 1080p image quality.

Flexible Document Camera


An HD science camera with a microscope adapter.

Optical HDMI Document Camera

QPC80 H2

Twist, bend, and stretch the arm of this flexible doc cam to
view from any angle, from microchips to microscope samples.

Flatbed Document Camera

QD3300 H1

QOMO’s desktop document camera features 12x optical zoom and a sharp 2.0 megapixel camera for the closest and clearest view.

Flatbed Document Camera


Full size document camera voted #1 Document Camera by DA TechLab

Flatbed Document Camera


HDMI document camera voted #1 Document Camera by rAVePubs in 2017.

Flatbed Document Camera

QD3900 H1

This powerhouse document camera is best for displaying pages and objects with optimal clarity, and includes built-in annotation to store photos and videos.

Flatbed Document Camera


Read from a distance so much easier with this text optimizing, backlighting document camera!

Wall Document Camera


This ergonomically-designed wall camera has an integrated stage that can securely hold books, documents, and objects on display.

interactive monitors & tablets

Interactive Desktop

QIT600 F1 Podium

A powerful tablet that allows you to draw with incredible precision and detail.

Interactive Podium Monitor

PresenStation 600F2

Control multiple displays without ever having toturn your back during a presentation. EM Touch.

Interactive VGA Monitor


The QIT500 replaces a standard computer monitor with an interactive 19” widescreen LCD panel. (VGA only)

Interactive VGA Monitor


The QIT300 gives you full control of your presentation with fast annotation capabilities. (VGA only)

Wireless Writing Tablet

QIT30 Prodigy

The QIT30 puts the power of an interactive whiteboard in your hands, giving you the ability to roam and interact with your audience.

interactive displays

Interactive Whiteboard


A durable kid-sized board with kid-focused software.

Interactive Whiteboard

QWB300 & QWB800 Series

Dry erase surface interactive whiteboards with hotkey shortcuts.

Interactive Whiteboard

QWB300 BW Series

Our best selling whiteboard internationally, regarded highly by teachers and students. A heavy-duty interactive whiteboard with steel surface and software included. Models: QWB379, QWB388, QWB398

Interactive Whiteboard

QWB382 F1

Our best selling whiteboard internationally, regarded highly by teachers and students. A heavy-duty interactive whiteboard with dry-erasable porcelain steel surface.

Interactive Panel


Sleek and easy-to-use six point LED multi-touch display.

Interactive Panel

Journey 11/12 Series

10 point multi-touch panels with 4k resolution

Interactive Panel

Journey 13 Series

The Journey 13 Series is the ultimate all-in-one interactive display board, preloaded with software and apps that will help you hit the ground running.

Interactive Panel

Journey 14 Series

Our Journey 14 Series is a game-changing interactive display board. It’s our fastest panel yet, with 32 GB of storage. Use pre-loaded software or choose from thousands of apps.

Interactive Laser Projector

QP8000T Projector

Our touch technology allows you to transform a screen, a whiteboard, or even an ordinary wall into an advanced presentation tool with laser bright images. No bulbs to change, ever.


Audience Response System


An audience response system that makes education “click.”

Audience Response System


Responders can key in responses with ease on-site or even at home. The QRF900 is also secure with unique log-in capability.

Wireless Sharing System

QConnect 1000

Connect up to 64 devices.

wireless microphone and sound system

QSonic 1000

An infrared wireless microphone and sound system,designed to be permanent or portable.