all the products you need. all from one place.

We have all the gear you might want or need. Our products can take care of almost everything you can think of.
Interactive Displays
give them a screen worth focusing on.
The best way to encourage interaction is to make it easy. So we did. Our interactive series of panels, projectors, and whiteboards work as well with each other as they do with your group.

Document Cameras

bring tiny details to life.

There's no need to sweat sharing the small stuff when you can blow it up in bright, beautiful color with a document camera.

Audience Response

read their minds.

A meeting and classroom response system can help you instantly gauge whether your audience is with you, without having to single anyone out.

Interactive Podiums & Tablets

like writing on paper, only better.

Our interactive podiums and writing tablets allow you to write or draw over any screen, instantly edit or erase, and share digital copies of your notes online.


extra-useful extras.

Stands, speakers, software (and other stuff that doesn't begin with "S") sure to make your life a little easier. Just like everything else we make.