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There's no need to sweat sharing the small stuff when you can blow it up in bright, beautiful color with a document camera.

USB Document Camera

QPC20 F1

Easy USB plug & play document scanner.

USB Document Camera


Doubles as a USB doc cam and webcam.

USB Document Camera


You’ll never run out of new uses for this versatile and flexible document camera that takes up virtually no desk space.

Wireless Document Camera

WanderCam 50w

Share and save photo and videos from anywhere in the room with powerful 5GHz Wi-Fi.

Optical HDMI Document Camera

QPC80 H2

Twist, bend, and stretch the arm of this flexible doc cam to view an object from any angle, from microchips to microscope samples.

Wall Document Camera


This ergonomically-designed wall camera has an integrated stage that can securely hold books, documents, and objects on display.

Flatbed Document Camera

CenterCam 3900H1

This powerhouse document camera is best for displaying pages and objects with optimal clarity, and includes built-in annotation to store photos and videos.

Flatbed Document Camera


Read from a distance so much easier with this text optimizing, backlighting document camera!