present big ideaswith a bigger impact.

Collaboration technology that takes lectures from passive to interactive.

for faculty
Create the best conditions forcommunity and conversation.

for students
Go from passive listening toactive learning.

for universities
Have a campus that isn't a step backwards for students.

for the IT dept.
Less trouble, less troubleshooting.

your new favorite TA.
BundleBoard H series
a long way from the humble blackboard.
Our interactive panel inspires active engagement by giving you and your students the ability to share, interact with, and save any content instantly.
Interactive Podium
face your audience.
Control presentations across multiple screens and make annotations without turning away from your audience.

ePTZ Conference Cam

pan, tilt, zoom in 4K.

Radically improve your virtual classroom with 4K clarity and AI autoframe ePTZ. Minimally impact your budget.

Flatbed Document Camera

blow up books.

Get on the same page (literally) with an entire lecture hall. Show textbooks and documents with 10x optical zoom and text optimization.

Audience Response

class participation is a given.

Gauge comprehension and get feedback on the spot with ad-hoc polls and quizzes.


wireless without the hassle of wifi

From any HDMI or USB-C device, to any display. It’s a powerful wireless casting technology, not dependent on your WiFi. That means it’s faster (no lag) and sharper (Ultra HD 4K signal).


simpler, smarter software.

QOMO Flow!Works Pro is a versatile software that allows for robust whiteboard features, lesson creation, and annotation over any screen.