interactive is a given. that they're intuitive is QOMO.

The best way to encourage interaction is to make it easy. So we did. Our interactive series of panels and whiteboards  work as well with each other as they do with your group.
Interactive Panel
NEW! BundleBoard H

Interactive Panel

BundleBoard G

Allows presenters to set their main focus of the day on a personalized home screen.

Interactive Whiteboard

QWB379 F1

Our best selling whiteboard internationally, regarded highly by teachers and students. A heavy-duty interactive whiteboard with dry-erasable porcelain steel surface.

Interactive Whiteboard


A larger interactive whiteboard with a painted steel surface for durability and software included.

height-adjustable mount


Patented spring-loaded height-adjustable and movable standfor televisions, monitors, or panels.

Motorized IFP Stand


The motorized e-Box mobile stand by BalanceBox for interactive flat panels. UL certified*

Mobile Stand

QOMO Mobile Stand G

This new and improved mobile stand by QOMO features a heavy duty steel frame and an adjustable VESA mount for displays up to 105" diagonal.

Interactive Software


All QOMO products come with interactive presentation software included, so you can start giving world class presentations and lessons right out of the box.