the qomo guide to remote learning.

we put together some of our most helpful products to help you navigate learning from a distance.

helpful tools for remote learning

Scanner doc cam

display docs in real time.

The QOMO QPC20 F1 is a foldable, lightweight, and affordable camera that can be used to display and scan documents online in real-time, so you can share pages over email or Google Drive.

Wireless doc cam

no cords attached.

With the lightweight and portable QOMO WanderCam wireless document camera, you can share objects and documents, and record video and photos, from anywhere in your room.
upgrade your WFH experience.
Clearly record and stream conferences, online teaching, and hangouts.
conference camera
ideal for at-home video hangs.
Our PTZ camera can remotely pan, tilt, and zoom, giving you more control over streaming your conference, demonstration, or remote lecture.

software to use at home or anywhere


Cloud-based collaboration software like Ximbus is perfect for learning from a distance. Use it to ensure that all of your documents, presentations, and videos are viewable and shareable using Google Drive and Google Classroom.

useful software to use at home or anywhere.

QOMO QCamera

Allows you to draw or write annotations over any image displayed on the camera.
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Microsoft Education

Use their tools to manage instruction and assessment, assignments, class notes, student data, and more.
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Google Classroom

Allows teachers to manage coursework and keep their materials organized and shareable.
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