tech that lets you teach. tech that helps them thrive.

Teach your students in a way they understand, with easy-to-use classroom technology. Express new ideas effortlessly with our wide range of educational tools.

for teachers
Teacher tools that turn lectures into conversations.

for students
Tech designed for teamwork.

for administrators
A solution that won’t become a headache down the road.

for the IT dept.
Integrates easily with whatever you’re using. Really.

The all-in-one solution

all-in-one meets easy-to-use.
BundleBoard G series
give them a touch screen worth focusing on.
Take your classroom from passive to active. Our panels make iteasier for students to interact, discuss, and play.
remote learning with more clarity.
The QWC-004 allows you to stream and record clearly for conferences, online teaching, and hangouts.

Document Cameras

making tiny things larger than life.

Create a curriculum around our range of document cameras with incredible image quality, high zoom, and much more.


connect with the kids.

The QConnect allows up to 64 students to use their own devices in the classroom, instantly raising your cool factor.

Audience Response

better than raising hands.

Create exams, pop quizzes, and surveys, and get results instantly with guaranteed classroom participation.


ours plays well with others.

Software at no additional costs or hidden fees. Our panels also work with software you're already using.

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