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Balance Box

The Balance Box is an adjustable stand for televisions, monitors, and interactive flat panels. It has a patented spring system that neutralizes gravity, making it easy and safe to move your display panel up or down and allowing users of all ages and heights to access the screen.

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To move your display panel, simply press up or down with the palm of one hand as the mount glides effortlessly. The Balance Box can be easily wheeled down the hall to another classroom or office, and its sturdy high-grade steel frame means it will stay put where it’s needed.

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  • Product Specifications

    Balance Box Mounts QBB400-70 QBB400-90 QBB650-130
    Travel Distance (Moves Down) 15.75" (400 mm) 15.75" (400 mm) 25.6" (650 mm)
    Touch Screen Weight 91-154 lbs (41-70 kg) 145-209 lbs (66-95 kg) 148-279 lbs (67-127 kg)
    BundleBoard H Model QITBB65 H, QITBB75 H QITBB86 H QITBB86 H
    VESA Interface 200x200 mm to 800x600 mm Included 200x200 mm to 800x600 mm Included 200x200 mm to 800x600 mm Included
    Dimensions 21.9" x 3.2" x 23.3" (556 mm x 81 mm x 592 mm) 21.9" x 3.2" x 23.3" (556 mm x 81 mm x 592 mm) 36.4"x 6.3" x 41.7" ( 924.5 mm x 160.5 mm x 1058.5 mm)
    Shipping Dimension 24.4" x 3.75" x 26.4" (620 mm x 95 mm x 670 mm) 24.4" x 3.75" x 26.4" (620 mm x 95 mm x 670 mm) 39.6" x 9.4" x 45.5" (1005 mm x 240 mm x 1155 mm)
    Gross/Net Weight 52.7 lbs/ 49.1 lbs (23.9 kg/ 22.3 kg) 52.7 lbs/ 49.1 lbs (23.9 kg/ 22.3 kg) 165 lbs/ 127.6 lbs (75 kg/ 58 kg)
    Mobile Stand Add-On Part Number QBB400-Mobile-E QBB400-Mobile-E QBB650-Mobile
    Optional Accessories Laptop Keyboard Tray (QBB481A73), Heavy Duty Casters (QBB481A81) Laptop Keyboard Tray (QBB481A73), Heavy Duty Casters (QBB481A81) Whiteboard Wings (Contact us for more information)
    Certifications CE & UL CE & UL CE & UL
  • Product Downloads

    Type Filename Notes Size
    Icon Balance Box 400 Mobile Stand Factory Manual 760.54 KB
    Icon QBB481A73 Laptop/keyboard Tray BalanceBox® 400 Laptop/Keyboard Tray For Mobile Stand Mix® and eBox II 655.86 KB
    Icon QBB481A81 Casters BalanceBox® 400 4 x 4" Heavy Duty Casters For Mobile Stand Mix® 687.37 KB
    Icon QBB400-Mobile-e Mobile stand for BalanceBox 400 Series (model no 481A71) - Economy stand for Education (Vesa REQUIRED for complete installation) 724.75 KB
    Icon QBB400-70/QBB400-90 BalanceBox Height Adjustable Wall Mount + VESA 170.23 KB
    Icon QBB481A70 VESA BalanceBox Universal Flatscreen/VESA Interface - standard fixed VESA adapter for BalanceBox stands 779.86 KB
    Icon QBB650-Mobile Mobile stand for BalanceBox 650 Series (Vesa REQUIRED for complete installation) 554.51 KB
    Icon QBB650-130 650 Series BalanceBox Height Adjustable Wall Mount + Vesa set for 86" Displays (148 lbs to 279 lbs) 292.83 KB
    Icon Morgan School Districts Standardizes on QOMO Technology Morgan County School District in KY accommodates a population of approximately 1,900 students spread across six schools, which includes four elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school. The district contains two Blue Ribbon Schools, two high- achieving schools, and has an ATC center that offers additional programs such as welding, engineering, and computer coding courses. Download the full case study to learn more! 403.52 KB
    Icon Balance Box 400 Factory Manual 1.07 MB
    Icon Balance Box 400 Step by Step Install Guide 2.06 MB