got a new document camera?

we're here to help support you through remote learning.

Teachers, students, parents and communities have to deal with enough. Let us make a few things easier for you.


upgrade your WFH experience.
Clearly record and stream conferences, online teaching, and hangouts. Built with professional quality components, it has a sharp 1080p camera and built-in dual mic to capture all of the details.


for school
Engage students anywhere. Our personalized QOMO edtech devices, from doc cams to all-in-one touch panels, are designed to adapt to any teaching environment or requirement.
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for the office
Combine brainpower. Bring your ideas to life with interactive presentation software, and use tech tools that make collaboration and remote working easier than you ever thought possible.
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Interactive Panel

BundleBoard G series
give them a touch screen worth focusing on.
Take your classroom or conference room from passive to active. Our panels make it easier for the audience to discuss, collaborate, save, and share.

What our customers are saying

"I really enjoy working with QOMO and am looking to buy more products because their customer service is simply outstanding."