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QCamera by QOMO allows for real-time streaming from cameras and document cameras.

Connect a QOMO document camera to your Macbook to stream live images from documents, objects, and more directly to your computer. Using the QCamera app, freely adjust the resolution, zoom in/out, rotate, mirror, freeze, and save snapshots and recordings. With the handy annotation tool you can draw and write over your captured media. QCamera is easy to use and perfect for teaching, presentations, and demonstrations.

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  • Product Downloads

    Type Filename Notes Size
    Icon Qcamera for Chrome OS Version 1.2 for the Chrome OS If you have access to the Playstore we recommend installing from there. Simply search for "qomo" 2.24 MB
    Icon Windows QCamera Software Version 2.2 (Build 247) for Windows If you have access to the Microsoft Store we recommend installing from there. Simply search for "qomo" 104.79 MB
    Icon Qcamera for MAC Qcamera for MAC version 1.3 Build 30 , Requires MAC OS 10.14 or higher If you have access to Apple App Store it is recommend you install from there. Simply search "qomo". 2.64 MB

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