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Flow!Works Pro

QOMO Flow!Works Pro is a versatile software that allows for robust whiteboard features, lesson creation, and annotation over any screen. All QOMO touchscreens including interactive displays, whiteboards, monitors, and podiums come with Flow!Works Pro included, so you can start giving world class presentations and lessons right out of the box.

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QOMO Flow!Works has many new features and resources to make teaching any subject easier, more fun, and more stimulating for students and teachers. Create lessons that stick for learners of all ages and all learning types by allowing your students to look, listen, and touch all at once.

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  • Product Downloads

    Type Filename Notes Size
    Icon QOMO 2024 Product Catalog QOMO 2024 Product Catalog - includes BundleBoard interactive flat panel, accessories, document cameras, interactive podium, audience response clickers, and more. 31.77 MB
    Icon FlowWorks Pro Software Manual Version 2.1.58 2.70 MB
    Icon FlowWorks Pro 2.1.58 FlowPro is a free annotation software that is bundled with our interactive products.         245.01 MB
    Icon Flow!Works User Manual Windows 7.08 MB
    Icon EOL - Windows Flow!Works Software for QOMO Interactive Products XP/7/8/10 ( This software is for our legacy interactive products. It is end of life as of August 1st 2019. 265.15 MB