Interactive Panel

Journey 14 Series
Multi-Touch LED Panel

Available in 55" / 65" / 75" / 86"

The QOMO Journey 14 series is our sleekest and fastest interactive panel yet with an all new interface. We added new anti-frustration features, including:

  • Easy-to-access and hard-to-lose magnetic pens
  • Built-in Bluetooth so you can mix and match external hardware
  • Create multiple accounts with unique user profiles
  • Upgraded 32 GB of storage

Our built-in Android 6.0 operating system makes it as simple to use as a smartphone or tablet. It's a digital display designed for teamwork, with up to 20 multi-touch points and annotation capabilities that perfectly capture the real-life experience of writing on a whiteboard. Plus, you can wirelessly cast up to 4 devices.

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  • 4k ultra hd resolution

    A picture two times clearer than HD from far away.
  • Built-in Bluetooth

    Use external speakers, keyboards, headphones, and more.
  • 20 Points Multi-Touch

    Ideal for teamwork and collaboration.
  • 3 USB Touch Ports

    Connect and control multiple devices from your Journey 14.

choose which apps can be accessed
by other users, and which are locked.

There's work time, and there's play time. You decide what time it is. In addition to a preloaded suite of appsthat includes Google ChromeYouTubeAirplay, and Office 365, you can access thousands of apps directly fromthe Journey 14. We increased storage to 32 GB, so you don't have to be picky.

our new anti-frustration interface design.

Our new headache-proof design includes friendlier file management and built-in remote capabilitiesfor managing groups of panels from a distance.

multiple accounts equalsmore bang for your budget.

We've made it easier to share one device by adding multiple accounts with unique user profiles.

personalize your inputsand add your favorite apps.

Once you've got it the way you like it, save your preferred settings to your unique profile.

remote panel updatesto save IT headaches.

IT can push updates, send messages and power on and off a group of panels without being on site.

software with no hidden costs or license fees.

All QOMO panels come with software with no hidden costs and license fees. If you already have collaboration or presentation software you like to use, that’s fine by us. QOMO panels are software agnostic and plays well with others.

helpful resources for you and your team.

  • Product Specifications

    Journey 14 Series
    Sizes 55" 65" 75" 86"
    Resolution 4K (3840 x 2160) 4K (3840 x 2160) 4K (3840 x 2160) 4K (3840 x 2160)
    Display Colors 10-bit (D), 1.07 billion colors 10-bit (D), 1.07 billion colors 10-bit (D), 1.07 billion colors 10-bit (D), 1.07 billion colors
    Brightness 350cd/m2 350cd/m2 350cd/m2 350cd/m2
    Contrast 1200:1 1200:1 1200:1 1200:1
    Viewing Angle 178(H)/178(V) (CR>10) 178(H)/178(V) (CR>10) 178(H)/178(V) (CR>10) 178(H)/178(V) (CR>10)
    Response Time 8ms (Gray to Gray) 8ms (Gray to Gray) 8ms (Gray to Gray) 8ms (Gray to Gray)
    Speaker Output 2X15W (8Ω) Front-Forward Facing 2X15W (8Ω) Front-Forward Facing 2X15W (8Ω) Front-Forward Facing 2X15W (8Ω) Front-Forward Facing
    Android System 6.0 6.0 6.0 6.0
    PC Optional Built-In Optional Built-In Optional Built-In Optional Built-In
    Working Voltage 100-240V, 50/60Hz 100-240V, 50/60Hz 100-240V, 50/60Hz 100-240V, 50/60Hz
    Power Consumption ≤ 290W <0.5W (standby) ≤ 290W <0.5W (standby) ≤ 290W <0.5W (standby) ≤ 290W <0.5W (standby)
    VESA 400x300 600x400 600x400 800x400
    Dimensions (LxWxH) 1294 x 827 x 97mm 1540 x 939 x 97mm 1730 x 1068 x 117mm 1976 x 1206 x 117mm
    Packing Dimensions (LxWxH) 1415 x 940 x 220mm 1621 x 1060 x 220mm 1848 x 1188 x 220mm 2097 x 1320 x 220mm
    Net Weight 41 kg 51 kg 62 kg 80 kg
    Gross Weight 51 kg 62 kg 80 kg 101 kg
  • Product Downloads

    Type Filename Notes Size
    Icon Optional Built-in Windows OPS Add the power of i5 8GB RAM & 128 GB ROM, or i7 16 GB RAM & 500 GB to your interactive display to use your favorite Windows or Linux software *Window license not included 1.29 MB
    Icon EDLA Android 13 OPS Plug the modular QOMO Android OPS into your favorite QOMO display and access the world of Google Playstore. Your favorite apps are available with a single touch included Microsoft apps, Youtube, and Netflix 3.48 MB
    Icon Morgan School Districts Standardizes on QOMO Technology Morgan County School District in KY accommodates a population of approximately 1,900 students spread across six schools, which includes four elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school. The district contains two Blue Ribbon Schools, two high- achieving schools, and has an ATC center that offers additional programs such as welding, engineering, and computer coding courses. Download the full case study to learn more! 403.52 KB
    Icon Built-in PC Brochure (QIT-PC5-6 and QIT-PC7-4) Downloadable specifications for the optional built-in PC for the QOMO BundleBoard G and Journey 14 interactive flat panels. Models: QIT-PC5-6 (i5 8GB) and QIT-PC7-4 (i7 16GB) Slot in PCs for QOMO interactive flat panels 3.87 MB
    Icon FlowWorks Pro Software Manual Version 2.1.58 2.70 MB
    Icon Journey 14 HW Firmware Version of Firmware for HW Series of Panels 1,184.16 MB
    Icon Journey 14 GZS Firmware version of Firmware for GZS Series of Panels 1,184.16 MB
    Icon Journey 14 Quick Guide Quick Start Guide for Journey 14 Interactive Flat Panel by QOMO 1.48 MB
    Icon Journey 14 Specs - Spanish Language Technical specifications for QOMO's Journey 14 series interactive flat panels - Spanish language. 1.60 MB
    Icon Journey 14 Specs - All Sizes Technical Specifications for QOMO Journey 14 interactive flat panels - QIT1455/ QIT1465/ QIT1475/ QIT1486 701.97 KB
    Icon Journey 14 i5 PC Specs Journey 14 PC Specifications _ i5 4G and i5 8G 437.00 KB
    Icon Journey 14 OPS Computer Model S044K Windows Drivers Windows Drivers for Journey 14 S044K OPS PC.     1,419.22 MB
    Icon Journey 14XX CAD Drawings (GZS All Sizes) 1.56 MB
    Icon Journey 14 Series Firmware Update Process This process will update your Journey 14 to the latest firmware. Various bug fixes and enhancements are available via this update. Please note this will erase all current panel data. 195.34 KB
    Icon Journey 14 User Manual 1.91 MB
    Icon FlowWorks Pro 2.1.58 FlowPro is a free annotation software that is bundled with our interactive products.         245.01 MB
    Icon Journey 14 Brochure QOMO Journey - 14 series interactive flat panel is the latest in presentation technology. 494.21 KB
    Icon QOMO Journey Series Warranty Statement Warranty terms for all Journey Series products. 415.79 KB