Laser Projector


With a projection size of up to 55” x 115”, unbeatable laser-bright images, and built-in speakers, you can give your audience a fully-immersive multimedia experience in any environment. The interactive touch technology will function on any smooth surface, from a projector screen to a blank wall.

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  • Cost Savings

    Laser projector technology means no replacing bulbs, ever.
  • Fast & Energy Efficient

    Your presentation starts when you’re ready, not when the projector is. Startup is nearly instantaneous.
  • Advanced Touch Tech

    The only tools you need to touch, draw, and select are your fingers. Up to 10 people can use it at once.

no bulbs, ever.

The QP8000T laser projector is bulb-free. With no bulbs to replace, you can save thousands of dollars in maintenance costs over the lifetime of the projector.

bright and vivid presentations.

The QP8000T’s laser light source has a larger color gamut than standard projector bulbs, making your projected images extra vibrant and dynamic. Laser light degrades at a slower rate, leaving you with brighter images for the lifespan of the projector and saving you money.

all the ports you need.

Connect your computer, your smartphone, and even our QConnect with 11 different inputs.

helpful resources for you and your team.

  • Product Specifications

    DMD S600 0.65” WXGA
    Resolution 1280 x 800 (16:10)
    Lens f/2.4 with Concave mirror
    Throw Ratio TR0.27
    Image Size 85” ~ 115”
    Light Source 445 Laser Diode
    Brightness 3,700lm (Typ.)
    Contrast 1800:1 (Native) / 10000:1 (High Contrast Mode)
    Uniformity (JBMA) Typ. 80% Min. 70%
    Noise Full-mode: 36dBA (Typ.), Eco-mode: 33dBA (Typ.)
    Speaker Internal 10W Speaker X 1
    ID Outer Dimension 383x 310x 86mm
  • Product Downloads

    Type Filename Notes Size
    Icon Interactive Curtain Module for QP8000T Pair with the QP8000T laser projector to make any flat wall surface interactive! 1.14 MB
    Icon QP8000T LCT MAC Driver 1.4.10 33.30 MB
    Icon QP8000T LCT Windows Driver 1.8.8 60.13 MB
    Icon QP8000T Series Interactive Laser Projector Brochure 84.16 KB
    Icon QP8000T User Manuals (LCT and Projector) 13.20 MB