Interactive Widescreen Writing Panel


The QOMO QIT500 is a powerful tool that replaces a standard computer monitor with an interactive 19” widescreen LCD panel, giving you the ability to annotate over your displayed materials. The stylus functions as a mouse for all your software applications. When used with QOMO Flow!Works software it becomes a remarkably powerful interactive device.

Helpful Resources
  • Annotation Friendly

    Write or draw on any screen, including videos, photos, and websites.

helpful resources for you and your team.

  • Product Specifications

    Model QIT500
    Size 19”
    LCD Type TFT
    Technology Electromagnetic
    Resolution 1440 x 900
    Coordinate Resolution 1000 lpi
    Contrast Ratio 500:1
    Aspect Ratio 16 x 10
    Accuracy ±0.5mm
    Pressure Sensitivity 1024
    Brightness 300cd/m2
    Frequency 31.47 -70.64KHZ
    Pixel Distance 0.285 x 0.285mm
    Response Time 16ms
    Transition Speed 180 dots/second
    Max Sensitive Height 5mm or higher
    Power Consumption 40W
    Active Size 410.4 x 256.5mm
    Viewing Angle Right 850 , Left 850, Upper 800, Lower 800
    Output Connector Analog Sub-D (VGA) 15 pins
    Input Connector Analog Sub-D (VGA) 15 pins
    Connector USB
    Dimensions (W x H x D) 17.9” x 14.0” x 1.1”/ 455mm x 355mm x 28mm (Panel Only)
    Control Location On panel side (lower right corner)