Radix VISO MDM enables you to monitor, manage and control all of your school’s devices through a single, cloud-based platform, enabling complex operations and tasks to be completed in a refreshingly simple manner.

With a focus on digital learning, VISO MDM provides a customized interface for teachers, principals and IT administrators. Never before has it been so easy to effectively manage large numbers of assorted devices - before, during, and after school.

Helpful Resources

for teachers and educators

Radix VISO enables teachers to easily manage their classroom, equipped with school-owned and BYOD devices. Teachers are able to observe their students’ activities and evaluate performance in real time, provide one-on-one or group assistance, and engage in collaborative learning methodologies.

• Share teacher’s or student's screens with the class
• Distribute content and share websites
• Collaborate with multi-user whiteboard
• Respond to electronic “hand raises”
• View thumbnails of students’ screens
• Work alongside or take full control over screens remotely
• Focus students on-task and apply device usage policies
• Lock screens for maximizing attention
• Limit access to websites and apps

for principals and it administrators

Radix VISO MDM delivers a birds-eye view with hands-on management for the entire fleet of assorted devices within a school and even throughout the district. Highly flexible, the VISO MDM can be scaled up from just a handful of devices to hundreds of thousands - simply and swiftly.

• Centrally manage apps, OS settings & updates of devices
• Apply and enforce school policies and regulations
• Install applications and updates on all devices remotely
• Simplify batch tasks and simultaneous workflows
• Take remote control over devices for assistance

• Group and tag devices according to pre-defined criteria
• Analyze device usage to make fact-based decisions
• Create geo-fences and device location perimeters
• Lock, track and wipe lost or stolen devices
• Broadcast alerts and notices to all or selected screens

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