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Ximbus and Oktopus by Qwizdom

QOMO touchscreens and interactive whiteboards include complimentary licenses for Oktopus and Ximbus software, so you can start giving world class presentations and lessons right out of the box.

• Ximbus is the perfect cloud-based solution for Microsoft and Google Classroom.

• Oktopus gives you access to thousands of teacher-generated lesson plans, and allows you to import files from popular software such as SMART.

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enjoy cloud-based collaboration with Ximbus.

Ximbus is a streamlined and fun-to-use application that connects with Google Drive and Google Classroom. Ensure that all your documents, slides, spreadsheets, and videos can be easily created, organized, and shared. Annotate over anything on your screen, from photos to web pages.

Reports and Insights

View detailed reports about who is viewing your content, how many times they've viewed it, and for how long.

Google Integration

Changes to your files and presentation will autosave and sync to any Wi-Fi-connected device.

Instant Polling

Gauge your audience's opinions and whether they're following along instantly.

Oktopus is easy to use for all ages and abilities.

Oktopus is highly accessible collaboration software. Available in over 40 languages and compatible with Windows and Mac, Oktopus gives you the flexibility to work with any content, browser, or application you choose. Annotation tools include a pen with handwriting recognition, highlighters, a magnifying tool, and much more.

Subject-specific Tools

Oktopus includes over 70 learning tools including maps. word games, graphs, and an interactive periodic table.

Bring Your Own Device

Participants can view, interact with, and save your presentations on their own devices.


Users and collaborate simultaneously with multiple pens and touch points.

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