Mount and Mobile Stand

Balance Box Tilt

Balance Box Tilt is an innovative, adjustable stand for panels. With just a touch of your finger, you can move the panel up or down. Once you find the perfect height, you can just as easily angle the panel to turn it into an ergonomic writing surface.

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The Balance Box Tilt is sturdy and safe enough for all ages to use. It moves easily when you want it to, up to a 60 degree angle, and stays put when you don’t.

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  • Product Specifications

    Balance Box for Qomo Touch Screens BalanceBox® 400 product selector (travel 400 mm / 15.75 inch)
    Touchscreen Weight
    kg lbs Balance Box art.# Interface art.#
    20-38 44-83.6 BalanceBox 400-40 480A03 touchscreen mounting interface 481A21
    38-66 83.6-145.2 BalanceBox 400-70 480A02 touchscreen mounting interface 481A21
    66-90 145.2-198.0 BalanceBox 400-90 480A04 touchscreen mounting interface 481A21